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Help End Local Homelessness by Supporting the Bluebird Appeal

HARP is Southend-on-Sea’s leading homelessness charity. On average we help around 1,000 local people every year to overcome or avoid homelessness. In addition to providing essential short-term emergency shelter, food, clothing and washing facilities, we work to identify the root causes of homelessness, creating tailored support for each person’s circumstances.

We achieve success by providing structure, purpose and training opportunities, and by providing longer-term supported housing, empowering people to take steps to leave homelessness behind and ultimately live independently in the community.

Our Bluebird Appeal is aiming to raise £175k towards the start-up costs for the brand new Bluebird development. Bluebird is a new housing development in the heart of the City of Southend-on-Sea, and will be the home to 50 local people, aged 18-25 and those at the end of their HARP pathway journey.

Using innovative building techniques and providing a secure and serene base for recovery, Bluebird will help residents to get back on their feet and move on to independent living.

Building on our vast experience of working with local people affected by homelessness, as well as our extensive success with both refurbishing existing properties and creating award-winning new developments, we believe Bluebird will change many lives for the better.